Lot Number:B3
Buy Now:$30.00 each

Name: VFF ELVIS 102E
Dam: M10095
Breed: Advancer (75%)
Registration Number: BBU # M10729
Horned/Polled: Scurred
Number of Units: 1

Owned By: Rocking SMH Cattle Co.

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Includes 1 AI Certificate per straw.

Elvis, scurred, is a unique mating adding performance and numbers to our cattle. He expresses the phenotype of long extended front, massive top, 
square hip and tremendous muscle, while possessing the “look” we strive for in our cattle. He ranks in the top 1% for $M, CE and BWT, top 2% for 
SCR, 4% in WWT and MWWT, top 10% for $T, YWT and REA and top 15% in Marbling. He sports a 15.7” REA with a 4.01% IMF, with a $T of $117.69 
and a $M of $42.85. His babies come here small, avg BWT 64, jump up and hunt the “ninny”. They are very athletic, vigorous and grow like weeds. 

Semen is stored at Elgin Breeding Services. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. 

Additional AI Certificates can be purchased for $50/cert.

Contact Marshall Curl @ 956.537.6510 for more information.