EMBRYO PACKAGE: ECC Polled Maverick 302/9 x ECC Polled Oprah 464/0
Lot Number:24
Start Time:5/21/2022 11:00:00 PM
Bid Count:23
Starting Bid:$100.00
Bid Increment:$50.00
Current Bid:$2,100.00x 3= $6,300.00
Bidding complete

Sire: ECC Polled Maverick 302/9
Dam: ECC Polled Oprah 464/0
Breed: Brahman


By now you can tell that we are not holding ANYTHING back in this sale. This embryo package is proof of that as we took our most popular show bull and crossed him with one of the heaviest-boned and deepest-middled heifers from our show string. The sire to this mating is ECC Polled Maverick 302/9 who has been a crowd favorite at all the shows over the past two years and, as a result, JRL Stud of Australia chose Maverick as the sire that they wanted to influence their elite herd. Maverick is sired by #Bardia Ambassador and is out of Miss Double A 468/7, one of our top donors who has 28 progeny to include to LMC ECC LF Polled Lolo 127/4 and ECC Polled Comandante 749. The dam to this package, ECC Polled Oprah 464/0, is sired by LMC Polled Sambo 45/0, the No. 4 sire in the ABBA for Polled registrations and out of a maternal half-sister to our world-renown herd sire, ECC El Caporal 301. We can’t offer anything any better!

Purchase price = 3x the bid. Selling a package of three (3) embryos with a guarantee of one (1) 60 day pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryo technician.  If no pregnancy is achieved from the first three (3) embryos, an additional embryo will be given. Upon calving, ECC will provide buyers with a maximum of three (3) breeding certificates.


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Payment and Transfer

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Breeder’s Guarantee

Every animal in this sale is, to the best of the breeder’s knowledge, free from any disease and are all sound. Bred females will be considered breeders without further guarantee. Buyer has 30 days from the date of the sale to have an accredited veterinarian check pregnancy status of bred females. Open or exposed females will be guaranteed by the seller to be a breeder. This, however, is not a lifetime insurance policy. This guarantee does not include injury, death, management, or feed or nutrition issues. Breeding guarantee is voided if any of the following occur: injury, death, disease, natural disaster, gross negligence or misconduct, heifers not in suitable body condition to breed, or virgin heifers flushed or IVF’d prior to having a natural calf. Should a breeding concern arise, buyer is responsible to report the concern to England Cattle Co. If an animal fails to breed, it may be returned to ECC in good condition. ECC reserves the right to try said animal for six months, and if it proves to be a breeder, return it at the buyer’s expense. If the animal proves to be a non-breeder, an animal of comparable rank or credit toward the purchase of another animal will be offered. No cash refunds will be given.


All necessary health papers will be furnished in order for the cattle to be shipped anywhere.  Buyer’s should make themselves aware of health requirements for their respective states. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make all shipping and transportation arrangements. All cattle must be picked up from England Cattle Co. (ECC) within 30 days of the sale. Any cattle left at ECC after 30 days will be subject to a daily feeding and management charge of $15 per day, unless prior arrangement have been made. Cattle purchased within a 150-mile radius of Mercedes, Texas will be delivered at no charge. Transportation services will be offered the day of the sale. We greatly appreciate our generous bidders and buyers. Contact sale management to discuss further shipping arrangements.

Lot-Specific Terms 

Lot 1 & 20: ECC will retain half (1/2) interest. Buyer will be purchasing half (1/2) interest (50% ownership and 50% possession). ECC is willing to continue to show the animal for the duration of his/her show career with approval from buyer and agreement that all show costs, including but not limited to, feeding, registration fees and travel expenses will be split 50/50.

Lots 2-19: ECC reserves the right to one (1) flush or the split of two (2) flushes, minimum of six (6) embryos, on all heifers in the sale.

Lots 23-24: Purchase price = 3x the bid. Selling a package of three (3) embryos with a guarantee of one (1) 60-day pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryo technician.  If no pregnancy is achieved from the first three (3) embryos, an additional embryo will be given. Upon calving, ECC will provide buyers with a maximum of three (3) breeding certificates.

Lots 25-26: Purchase price = 5x the bid. All semen sales are for in-herd AI and ET use, only. Semen sales are non-refundable and non-transferable. Upon calving, ECC will provide buyers with a maximum of five (5) certificates. Additional certificates may be purchased for $100 per certificate. Semen is stored at Brushy Creek Custom Sires. Semen will be released to buyer upon receipt of payment. Buyer is responsible for arranging pickup/shipping from the storage facility.

13228 Mile 2 E
Mercedes, Texas 78570
United States
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Join us for the largest POLLED Brahman event of the year! The 3rd Annual England Cattle Co. “Brahmans on the Rio” Production Sale is set for Saturday, May 21, 2022. The elite offering features 26 lots of haltered show heifers, show prospects, open and bred replacement heifers, exclusive embryo and semen packages, herd sire prospects and more! LIVE sale at the ranch in Mercedes, Texas with online broadcast and bidding through Premier Livestock Auctions.


England Cattle Co.
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Sale Managed by Infinity Cattle Services
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Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022
Colonel Mike England
Sale Location:
13228 Mile 2 E, Mercedes, TX 78570